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High-level panel on the Montevideo Strategy for Implementation of the Regional Gender Agenda within the Sustainable Development Framework by 2030: perspective of the Caribbean

Sala Prebisch

Session |
Wed, 29/01/2020 - 11:30 to 13:00

Moderator: Diane Quarless, Chief of the ECLAC subregional headquarters for the Caribbean

  • Samantha Marshall, Minister of Social Transformation and Human Resource Development of Antigua and Barbuda
  • Delma Thomas, Minister for Social Development, Housing and Community Development of Grenada
  • Nerissa Gittens-McMillan, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of National Mobilization, Social Development, Family, Gender Affairs, Persons with Disabilities and Youth of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  • Sharon Warner, Executive Officer with the Department of Gender Affairs of Saint Kitts and Nevis
  • Terry Ince, Founder and Convener of the CEDAW Committee of Trinidad and Tobago

Discussion and statements by the countries